Wyatt (Quarles) Lands on the Southside

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Wyatt (Quarles) Lands on the Southside

Postby fatzdomino » Tue Jan 10, 2017 7:32 pm

The White Sox land a big fish in free agency. Bray Wyatt (Jamar Quarles) the highly sought after left handed starting pitcher. Wyatt signed a deal worth up to $78 million to play on the Southside. Money like that will bring some high expectations.

Wyatt throws four pitches, a strong fastball, a sweeping curve, a changeup, and a sinker that is still a work in progress. Wyatt does a good job of keeping the ball down in the zone and mixing speeds. He induces a ton of ground balls (69%), keeping the ball in the park. He uses his curve to collect strikeouts. With the proper tutelage Wyatt should develop into a top of the rotation starter.

The pressure will be from the start with high expectations for Wyatt. The White Sox hope he can handle the pressure and perform in the big leagues.
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