Uncharacteristic Stretch for Manny

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Uncharacteristic Stretch for Manny

Postby MINTwinsGM » Thu Nov 24, 2016 3:46 pm

After years and years of dominance, Manny Valenzuela has hit his "roughest" patch in recent memory, if most would even call it that. He has allowed runs in 7 of 9 outings, but only one of those outings was 2 ER. The rest were 1 ER, except the two that were 0 ER. All in all, 8 ER in 17 1/3 innings (4.15 ERA) still isn't that great.

On the year, Manny is still having another stellar campaign and the Twins will not hesitate to keep putting him in high leverage situations. The depth of the bullpen has taken some pressure off, but the team has always put him in the game whenever a big situation arises, ever since removing him from the closer role.

2061: 7-3, 2.20 ERA, 0.548 OPS against (0 XBH allowed) in 65 1/3 innings

Only Lynch and Regan have thrown more innings than Manny this year, which makes some sense considering both have been starters at one time or another during their Twins career. Manny, 37 years old, still owns a career ERA < 2 and a career OPS against < .520, but it's likely both will rise a bit in the coming years.

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