Twins Surge to Leagues Best Record

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Twins Surge to Leagues Best Record

Postby MINTwinsGM » Fri Nov 11, 2016 9:59 pm

Through June, the Twins were having a swell year. Not off the charts and well behind last year's pace, but comfortably in position to take the AL Central. Ho hum. As of late though, things have changed drastically. To close the month the Twins have won 19 of their 20 games, running their record to a much more impressive 73-30.

Who is to blame for the absurd run? Well, you can start with Masher Peer Boom. During July, Masher posted a gaudy 303/378/894/1272 line with 13 homers, 17 runs and 29 rbi. So, coupled with some solid pitching it's safe to assume Masher was responsible for a handful of wins all by his lonesome. A month to remember.

On the season, the Twins have leaned heavily on both their offense and their pitching at different parts of the season. When it all clicks, they can be downright scary. Their run differential now sits at +201, which isn't bad only 103 games into the season. They're averaging 4.78 runs per, while giving up only 2.83 runs per.

McRae and Bako are both on pace to be in the Cy Young conversation, with McRae taking the lead by going 15-3 with a 2.31 ERA. In the pen, Lockdown and Kosar are having nasty seasons, while Manny V is doing his thing at age 37. Top to bottom, the team has posted the top OPS against in the league with the 3rd best ERA.

Offensively, the Twins are leading the league with 492 runs and a .767 OPS. Groza and Peer Boom are crushing it, with plenty of contributions coming from elsewhere.

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