Contract Resigning

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Contract Resigning

Postby Sim_Guy_PhilGM » Thu Dec 05, 2013 9:21 pm

AL Agent: Andrew (IM is AZ0610)

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At the end of every World Series each team is given 7 slots for either signing League Posted Free Agents or to re-sign their own PFA's (Potential Free Agents). A PFA is a player who is either age 26, on a teams roster and not currently under contract OR a player on a teams roster who is in the last season of his current contract. Slots cannot be traded and do NOT carry over from one season to another. All contracts that are negotiated (restructures and extentions) will be posted BY THE AGENT in the Free Agent Re-Signing forum.

Here is an example: Team A emails 7 players offers(the MAX) during the League Posted Free Agent period. The agents decide to accept 5 of those offers and those 5 players sign the with Team A. Team A has now used 5 of it's slots and has 2 remaining slots to re-sign any PFA currently on his roster or whom he trades for during the season. Please keep in mind that 2 additional "slots" can be purchased with banking points during the off-season and used for either free agents or resignings.

PFA Resigning deadline will be posted on the league boards each season but it is basically (Aug 31st in game). Those teams waiting until the final days to send in their first offer may not have time to negotiate due to time constraints. You waive any negotiation by sending in your first offer on a player 3 days or less to the deadline. The agent will look over the offer subjectively and either accept or make the player a free agent. However, if the agent has time he could open up negotiation but it is his judgement to do so or not. It would be in the teams best interest to come with a substantial contract so as to not take the chance of losing a player.

Once a player is resigned he can't be traded until 5 sims has passed.

Here is how the re-signing system works:

*Owner offers contract to player by sending to agent (must be in last year of contract) via PM on board, AIM, or email.
*Agent accepts or declines(with explanation). If agent declines, agent tells owner what type of deal player would like (No exact dollar figures though).
*Owner offers new contract extension again based on new info.
*Agent accepts or declines(with explanation).
*If agent declines, owner makes final contract extension offer.
*Agent accepts or declines.

If agent declines, that player becomes a Free Agent and the only way he'll return to the same team the next year is if the owner makes the best offer in the free agent thread during the off-season free agent period.

NOTE: If a player is traded AFTER this negotiation went on with the old team, the new team gets a crack as well (If the negotiations failed).

NOTE: A PFA that restructures his contract may never accept a lower total salary than his current contract.

PFA Contract Restructures

If you have a player who is in the last year of his contract, you may want to keep him. You will need to talk to the proper agent (see duties list) to try to negotiate a new deal. You may only sign restructures of up to six more years, 7 counting the current year.

PFA Contract Extensions:

The process for signing extensions is the same as for PFA Contract Restructures, with a couple of differences:
Extensions take effect the next season and in no way modify the current salary being received.
Signing bonuses apply immediately.
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