Created Imports And Import Auction

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Created Imports And Import Auction

Postby Sim_Guy_PhilGM » Thu Dec 05, 2013 9:02 pm

Every off-season one of the most anticipated events is the league auction. The auction is filled with differing abilities, positions, and ages. Created imports in general can be real college players, real baseball players both foreign and domestic, or made up players. How many imports show up in free agency depends on how good the free agent class is in a given year. A poor free agent pool will likely mean more imports where as a stocked pool could mean little or no imports.

If there are to be imports in free agency the league simmer will post a thread with the players name, age, and position. This will allow owners to post on them just like all the other free agents. All created imports will be added to the league file and uploaded as usual to the website so all owners can look over player edits.

The import auction takes place in the league chatroom at a time/date specified during the off-season. The players are usually a mix of minor league and ML imports, but sometimes will include regular free agents found on the file. Here is the auction format information (this gets posted in the free agent section every off-season):


Simple. You bid with BP with highest bidder winning the player. Players that are prospects will come with stock contracts of the following:

4 years at 10 million (5 in the minors). The BP will fill the void of having no SB. These players all come with a 3 year minor league guarantee.

Players that are ML ready will have 4 year contracts but the BP will determine the per year as follows:

Under 1000 BP Spent - 4 million per
1000 BP - 2000 BP - 6 million per
2001 BP - 3000 BP - 8 million per
3001 BP and UP - 10 million per

BP takes the place of SB.

* You must have the BP to spend the night of the auction as it will come out of your total immediately. If you go over your offer is void and the next highest team will win the player. I will coordinate with Ryan on this so an update is available.

Cash Auction Rules:

The players can be a mix of rookie imports, ML imports, Winter League players, and regular free agents. The auction will be held in the live draft room of the Forker chat and will begin precisely at 9:00. All owners may participate in the bidding with all bids being at least 500K. The winning bidder will pay a 20% fee which will act as the players SB. (example, on a 10 million dollar bid the signing bonus would be 2 million.) All contracts for minor league players assume a minor league guarantee of 3 years and all contracts in general will be locked in at 5 year deals. Unless otherwise noted!

As you can see above there are banking point only and cash only options. This event is fun and is a great way to get trades done as well since so many owners show up. The auction can be a real nice way for teams to add talent during the off-season, but it does come with risks. Created players by their very nature are much riskier then other players.
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