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Regular Season Free Agency

Postby Sim_Guy_PhilGM » Thu Dec 05, 2013 8:47 pm

To sign a Free Agent during the regular season, a team posts an offer for a player on the FA list (A FA post MUST have the Player's Name in the subject, One player per subject). This post is called the "Initial Offer". Each team has only 2 offers(including the initial offer) total to any one player. After 24 hours has passed from the Initial Offer and if only the one team has shown interest, the agent will now make a decision to accept the offer or ask for more money/longer term etc. If there is more than one bidder the agent has to allow a 12 hour window (after the 24 hours) to allow the initial poster to give his final offer. The team who posted the initial offer can choose to save his 2nd and final offer until after the 24 hours has elapsed and use it (if 2 offers have not been posted by that team), to match or beat any other offers. This final offer must come before the Agent makes his decision within the 12 hour window, or that team loses it's chance to make a 2nd and final offer. A team may only make an initial offer on 2 Free Agents per sim period, during the regular season (constituted as a period from 7PM one FA cutoff to 7pm the next FA cutoff) but may bid on free agents brought up by others with no limit.

Regular free agents during the off-season adhere to the above rules except after the first 24 hours regular free agency is open a team may post on as many free agents as they see fit. This allows teams with a lot of roster openings to fill their needs easily. This rule only applies to the off-season NOT during the regular season.

In order for a free agent to be officially added to a team's roster the agent must post acceptance of the contract offer. Any free agent signed before the sim can be used for that night's sim. You must include instructions in your roster email as to what to do with the free agent should you sign him. The simmer will follow those instructions, otherwise the player will either be added to the ML bench (if roster room is available), or sent to AAA (no waiver). A free agent can be sent to any level of a ballclub -- ML, AAA, AA, and A. If sent to the minors you must post that in the moves section and the player does not have to clear waivers. The longest you can offer a free agent is 7 years. There is no limit (aside from the budget) as to the amount of money you may offer. All contracts will be averaged for an equal amount each season. You cannot back-load contracts (IE - 9 mil year 1, 14 mil year 2) except possibly with use of options. ANY changes to offers OR new offers will be in the form of REPLIES. Any offers that are EDITED will become null and void.

Note: Regular free agents DO NOT count against a teams slots.

Note: Signing bonus can be double the per year max. (IE 4 years at 4 million the max sb you could give would be 8 million).

Note: There are no incentives allowed in contract offers. (for instance 4 million for making 20 wins).

Note: You can add guarantees such as : guaranteed closer, guarantee ML, guarantee a certain amount of years in minors. Be careful though.

Note: 5 sims must pass after signing a free agent before a team may trade him.
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