Off-Season Free Agency

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Off-Season Free Agency

Postby Sim_Guy_PhilGM » Thu Dec 05, 2013 8:12 pm

Posting Stage

All players whose contracts have expired will be listed in posts on the Free Agent Forum grouped by the team they most recently played for. The post for each team will include the deadline for offers to be tendered by. Once posted, owners will post that they would like to email offers to that player. Each owner has a MAX of 7 players he may post to or 9 depending on if they bought 2 "slots" using BP. Once an owner has posted on a player he may choose NOT to email offers but the post counts against his limit of 7. Once the deadline for posting is reached, the threads will be locked. You may now send in email offers if you choose but only to the players you posted interest in.

Email Stage

48 hours will be allowed to send offers to the league via email at [email protected]. All offers must follow a strict format which ensures that emails sent do not need to be opened in order to find out what player it is for and what team he played for. In the email title you would put as an example (BOS offer Jake Pace HOU). This shows your team, the players name, and his former team. The body of the email can contain your contract offer. Now when the simmer goes into check free agent offers he can just quickly scan the titles without opening to see contracts. The league simmer will post in the threads that an offer was received for that player and by which team. At the email deadline, the offers themselves will be posted in the threads. The offer accepted is then noted via a reply on the thread. Free agent decisions are done by league officials or other senior owners online at the time. Three owners not involved in the free agent being decided will be used. Any league posted free agent a team signs is restricted from being traded until after the 5th sim of the season. This also includes the regular free agent period that occurs during the off-season. However, the free agents signed during the season can be dealt at any time. No owner may post a deal involving a player that needs to wait the 5 sim period.

Note: All offers must be 7 years or less to be valid. It is important to read any instructions the agent leaves as far as contract terms are concerned. Signing bonus can only be double the per year at max. (example, 2 years at 4 million with an 8 mil sb). The 8 mil in the example is the highest it could be made with a 4 million per year.

Final Note: All free agents signed in this manor will count against the 7 total free agent signings/PFA resigning slots a team is given. As stated before a team may use BP to purchase 2 additional slots giving a team 9 total.

Signing Slots:

All teams will have players on their current roster to resign. Each club has a limited number of slots to use to resign these players and sign the big off-season free agents. We do it this way to both insure each team has ample chances to resign and sign players, but also allowing a fair amount of good players to hit the free agent market. Using the banking points to buy 2 additional slots is popular because of the flexibility to gives a team in the off-season. Here is an example on how this system works.

(Team A signs 3 free agents in the post/email stage of off-season free agency. Team A now has 4 slots to use to resign his own potential free agents (PFA). If team A bought 2 additional slots using BP then it would give them 6 slots after free agency. How you go about using them all depends on how many players you expect to have to resign during the season.

Keep in mind that once a free agent accepts a teams offer he can't be traded until 5 sims has passed.
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