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All trades should be posted either in the Completed Trades Forum or the Yearly Trade Forum set up for dealing picks in the coming rookie draft. (IE Completed Trades W/2025 Picks).

Once posted and confirmed by all parties the trade becomes legal. However, if before 24 hours passes, or three protests, both parties agree to delete the trade than it can be removed. Once 24 hours passes the deal is final and considered approved unless 3 protests have been made on the deal.

Teams may not trade more than 14 million dollars in any deal. Trades can be made up of cash, draft picks (the current season and next), banking points, and players. You may not trade stadiums, divisions, teams, doctors, trainors, or anything else not listed above as approved trade items. There can be no cash for cash deals nor are sign and trade deals legal.

Trading should never be considered complete (complete meaning the player is available for next sims) until the simmer approves it. A trade must be confirmed by all parties by 7PM ET the day before a sim to be included in that next sim. Trading may take place between the end of the World Series and August 31 in the game. Teams may place players on any depth of the club following the trade without having to clear waivers, however...the team MUST note in the trade or moves forum each player who is being sent to the minors.

Trades are posted on the "Completed Trades" forum. All owners involved must post a message denoting their acceptance before the trade is official. After a team has posted their confirmation of a trade, it CANNOT be withdrawn, unless BOTH teams REPLY with confirmation that they want to withdraw within 24 hours of the initial post.

Trades can be made up of players, cash, banking points and draft picks. No trade can consist ONLY of cash for cash. A maximum of $14 million may be traded in any one trade. A player may be sold to another team for a minimum of $100,000. Draft picks are limited to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th round of next season. However, we now can trade current year picks during the off-season but b4 the rookie draft. These trades must be posted in the separate forum that is setup for that seasons picks. A roster must be submitted following any trade or the team will receive a fine. There can be no player to be named later deals.
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