Banking Points and Waivers

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Banking Points and Waivers

Postby Sim_Guy_PhilGM » Thu Jun 10, 2010 11:45 am

Banking Points

Banking points are awarded to owners for being involved in the league. You can receive banking points by doing a league assigned task, sending in roster files, writing articles, etc. The more your involved the better the chance to receive banking points. The points can than be used to purchase several cool upgrades to your young players that are 25 or younger with no ML experience. The following list is a basic idea of how many points you can receive for each task.

Points for Participation

360 Submitting 75% or better of your roster files each season (18 sims on average)
100 Attending Live Sims or Playoff Sims
25-50 Writing a Article on your own team [depending on content]
50-100 Writing a Featured Article [depending on content]
1000 Referring a New Owner [must stay active for at least 1 season plus you get 50 banking points for each season he remains active]
100-2000 league jobs (points depend on task)

Once you have some points to spend you will want to buy some upgrades. Here is the list of current upgrades available for purchase. These can only be bought during the off-season and used once per player.

Point Upgrades

Points Reward
1500 Build a New Stadium [choice of unused stadium in HH] Sign a lease for 10 seasons. Can change only after 10 seasons.
400 Add 4 Million to Cap [per season]
300 Extend a 26 year old's PFA contract, for 1 yr - $5 mil [max 1 per season cannot be same player twice, nor be a player with a previous contract]
20 Rename rookie class player [Aside from 2 allowed per season]
200 Add 2 re-signing "slot", per season
350 Increase Hitter's HR by 3, Hits by 5, Walks by 5 and decrease Ks by 3
150 Add 1 Endurance to Pitcher
350 Decrease Pitcher's allowed hits by 10
400 Increase Pitcher's Strikeouts by 20 and decrease walks by 10.
300 Increase Hitter's speed rating by 1 and [.01 fielding PCT, 1 Arm Strength, 1 Range [IF or OF depending on choice]]
150 Increase a Pitcher's Ground ball % by 5.0
400 add a trainer to your staff (takes 50% of injury time away from 1 player, see rules for more info)
1200 add a team doctor to your staff (takes 100% of injury time away from 1 player, see rules for more info)
250 Teach a player to Switch Hit
150 Upgrade player position to "1" [only if player is already 75% there] Can be done to any defensive player until age of 30. This upgrade can't be used in the same season as another upgrade on same player.
400 adding 10 home runs to a hitter
300 decrease pitchers slugging against minus 5 2B -2 3B and -2 HR
200 add 10 walks to a hitter
1200 adds (hitter-20 Hits 10 Home runs 10 Doubles 2Triples 20 Walks and takes away 10 strikeouts) *3rd round draft picks or worse*
1200 adds (pitcher-subtracts 20 Hits 15 Walks 10 Doubles 5 Homeruns 2 Triples, and adds 20 Strikeouts) *3rd round draft picks or worse*
650 BP (Increase Hitter's HR by 4, Hits by 8, Walks by 7, Doubles by 6, Triples by 4 and decrease Ks by 5). **2nd Round Players Only***
650 BP (Decrease Pitchers Hits by 10, Doubles by 7, Triples by 2, HR by 4, Walks by 7, and Increase K's by 10). ***2nd Round Players Only***
600 Increase Hitter's speed rating by 1 and [your choice of adding .01 fielding pct or .985, 4 range (max rating is 1) specify INF or OF, 4 arm strength]
700 Increase K's by 25, Decrease BB by 12, Add .5 End, Add 10% GB
550 teach player to switch hit, add 10 walks, and minus 5 k's
400 decrease pitchers slugging against minus 5 2B -2 3B -2 HR, and increase gb% by 5.00 (example 45.50 would go to 50.50)

(AL team buying these must have one already in order to "unlock" these half priced options)

200 add a trainer to your staff (takes 50% of injury time away from 1 player, see rules for more info)
600 add a team doctor to your staff (takes 100% of injury time away from 1 player, see rules for more info)


Any player who has three (3) separate seasons of experience in the major leagues (experience defined as having participated in 1 game during any given season) or higher experience (can be found on their player card in the editor or the HHRecord player page) is subject to clearing waivers before he can be sent from the 25-man roster to the minor leagues.

A player will remain on waivers for the duration specified by the waivers officer after his demotion, at which time he can be claimed by any team for the cost of $100,000 dollars. This cost will be subtracted from your annual budget. Any player sent down who has LESS than an experience of three (3) years will be clear of any waivers and will go straight to the minors. When the waiver claim is made the claiming team must state that they have a ML opening or identify the player to be demoted to make room, if this fails to occur the claim is void. A team may pull a player off waivers if the player has yet to be put in for by posting such move in the moves forum and the waiver thread itself.

Priority for waiver claims is:
The worst team in the same league as the releasing team gets first dibs on all claims.
The priority then goes up from the worst team to the best team in that league.
If no team in the releasing team league claims the player, then the opposing leagues teams get priority from worst to best as well.
This may seem confusing at first, but I assure you it become easier once it takes place. Here is an example:

The Toronto Blue Jays desire to send John Frascatore down to their AAA club. Looking at his career statistics, they notice he debuted in the majors in 1994 (pitching 3 1/3 innings for St. Louis in one appearance). Since they are in the 2004 season, 10 years after his debut, John clearly has to clear waivers before getting to AAA.

Since the Blue Jays are in the American League, the priority for claiming Frascatore is:
The worst team in the AL.
The 2nd worst team in the AL.
The 3rd worst team in the AL.
(insert 4th worst through 12th worst in the AL).
The 13th worst team in the AL (the 2nd best).
The 14th worst team in the AL (the best).
If no team in the AL claim John Frascatore off waivers, the rights then go to the NL in the same manner.
The worst team in the NL.
The 2nd worst team in the NL.
The 3rd worst team in the NL.
(insert 4th worst through 14th worst in the NL).
The 15th worst team in the NL (the 2nd best).
The 16th worst team in the NL (the best).

If after all this, no one has claimed Frascatore, he will be placed on Toronto AAA roster and is eligible to play
In the case that a team claimed him, the $100,000 would be paid to the league, and he would be placed on their 25-man ML roster. If you do not place a waiver claim on your ML roster, he will become a free agent as of the next sim.
Teams will not be asked individually if they are interested in claiming a player, it is their responsibility to keep track of who is on the waiver wire. If your are interested in claiming a player, you do not need to wait until a team ahead of you in priority has responded. Although in Frascatore's case, the best team in the National League is the very last team that gets a chance to claim him, they could put in a claim whenever they'd like to, but other teams are still able to put in claims as well. The team with the highest priority (who expressed interest in claiming) at the claim deadline will be awarded the player.
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