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Team Management

Postby Sim_Guy_PhilGM » Thu Jun 10, 2010 11:30 am

Team Responsibilities/Management

Roster files are to be sent for each sim directly to the league's email address; [email protected]. If you have made no changes for that sim than a simple email stating "no changes" will suffice. You may also instant message the simmer if he is available. If you made any changes than a new file must be sent or you risk being fined. Files are due by 7 pm the day of the sim. Late files may or may not be used. Keep in mind that each file you send gets you banking points which can be used towards player upgrades. (more on this in next section).

ML pitching rotations must consist of 4 starters minimum during the regular season. You can't send a file with less than the required pitchers nor can you send a file with more than 25 players at the ML level. This will cause the game to crash.

End of Season files are due just after the World Series is completed. The deadlines for this and other things will be posted on the message boards. At the completion of the World Series each season every owner is required to have turned in a final roster for their team. This roster should be derived from performing the following steps in order:

1. Move all A-ball players that you want to keep to AA
2. Move all players lost to free agency on your team down to A-ball
3. Move any other players that you would like to cut down to A-ball
4. Save and send file to league email

*All players you have in A-ball will be cut once the files are imported by the simmer so be sure you have done the steps correctly. If you have more than 75 players still left after cuts you will sacrifice some late round draft picks as each team can only have 100 players total.

Cuts and demotions must all be posted in the proper forums on the message boards as well as done on your file. This helps us track budget info and other stuff so it is very important. A fine can be given for failure to post this information so please be sure to post your moves. If you demote a player with 3 or more seasons at ML he must clear waivers before he can be sent down to minors. (more on waivers in next section).

Inactivity will be handled as such; An owner that is inactive for more then 5 straight sims will be viewed as absent from the league unless notification was given previously about an absence. A fine of 1 million dollars will be given and a warning issued. If the inactivity continues beyond the 5 sims a new owner could be sought to take over the team. This would depend on the owners history previously among other things. Any team that is below 50% roster submissions for a season will be fined 3 million dollars at seasons end. Vacations, etc will be factored in and won't count against any owner. The new program will track roster submissions for me including "no change" requests.

Cheating and Tanking are both punishable by expulsion from the league. Cheating of any form is not tolerated and any owner caught cheating will be asked to leave immediately. Tanking as defined by the FBSL is any owner who makes no effort to win and/or loses intentionally- This includes but is not limited to the following; putting A ball or obviously inexperienced players in ML lineup or rotation, cutting talented/ well performing players and having no budgetary reasons for doing so, changing a teams sliders in a way that would lead to a teams on-field performance to be detrimental to winning, purposely starting inferior players when obviously better players remain on bench, available on the waiver wire or in Free Agency. Any act not mentioned within this rule but deemed suspect will go before the officials for a vote to determine if it falls under the category of tanking. If an owner is indeed found to be willfully tanking, for whatever reason, that owner will first receive a warning than be subject to loss of lottery pick or ejected from the league.
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