League Intro-Getting Started

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League Intro-Getting Started

Postby Sim_Guy_PhilGM » Thu Jun 10, 2010 11:20 am


Welcome to the Forker Baseball Sim League which was established in 2003. This is by far the best fake baseball league on the internet so you have made a wise decision joining the FBSL.

We use High Heat Manager, a program developed by a lovely woman named Judy, and this will be sent to you when you start. If you ever need a copy it can be had by contacting the league simmer. This program allows you to view stats, make lineups, and a wide variety of other tasks.

The second most important tool we use is the message boards. It is the hub of the FBSL and contains all the goings on in the league. We have trades, waivers, contract resignings, and a ton of other things all going on at various points in a season. The message boards keep everyone connected so check it as often as you are able.

We sim every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. The sims are 10 days each and at least one is a live sim via our own league chat room located on the boards. These live sims provide the league a chance to get together plus it is a cool way to see the sims happen. Once a sim is complete the league files get uploaded to our website for owners to download. The league file is available for downloading off the main page on forkerbaseball.com. The 'League File' is a zip file containing the 8 files needed to view all league information: BoxScores.txt, FBSL.sea, Players.hh, Playoffs.hh, Retired.hh, Scores.hh, Season.hh and Stats.hh. The files need to be placed in a specific directory/ folder structure as follows:

1. FBSL.sea goes anywhere you please (I suggest desktop)
2. On your desktop (assuming you took my suggestion) you will create a folder called FBSLSeason (note the caps)
3. The remaining files go in the 'FBSLSeason' directory/folder

You have now set up the league files which will be needed for HHManager. You should put the manager in the FBSLSeason folder as well. Once this is complete double click the manager icon (ball in glove) and bring the program up. You need to go to file in the top left corner and go to your desktop. Click on the fbsl.sea file you put there. The league info should pop up on the manager. If not you should contact the league simmer for assistance.

Thanks for joining, now get out there and start building a winner.
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