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Live Amateur Draft

Postby Sim_Guy_PhilGM » Tue Sep 16, 2014 10:51 am

Every off-season the FBSL holds a live Amateur draft. The draft is normally held on a Sunday night to be determined by the simmer. Rounds 1 and 2 plus the compensation round are held day one of the draft. The Tuesday to follow is normally when rounds 3-5 are held. The draft is live with owners showing up in the league chat to draft their players. Owners may allow another teams owner to draft for them, or they may send in a text document with a list of players. These lists should be sent to the league email.

To determine draft order the league uses the following:

World series winner drafts last. Runner up will draft second to last with all other teams falling in by record. Ties in standing will be broken by;

A) head to head (if allowable)

B) division record (worst record getting better position)

C) run differential

The worst five teams would enter into a lottery. A lottery program is used to determine the top five teams. Each team receives an amount of balls in which the program would use to select order. The amount of balls a team receives is determined by record.

Draft order
At the end of each season, the top 5 draft positions will be chosen via a "Draft Lottery". The 5 teams with the worse records at the end of the season will be entered into the lottery. Each team will get a set amount of spots in the Random Draft Order Generator(RDOG), to be determined by record. The RDOG has 30 spots. The amount of spots are:

Worse Record = 10 spots
2nd Worse = 8 spots
3rd Worse = 6 spots
4th Worse = 4 spots
5th Worse = 2 spots

After the completion of round one the league holds a compensation round. Compensation picks are awarded each season by league officials. A vote is held with all officials (or a majority) voting on whom they feel deserves an extra pick. It is usually five picks to directly follow the first round of the draft. League officials could add more selections if they felt the need. Also, record alone is not grounds for a compensation pick. Activity level, state of team upon taking over, and many other things can weigh into the decision.

Final notes:

*Each team is allowed 2 minutes to make a selection in the live draft. (All rounds). League simmer holds the right to alter that if needed during a draft.

*If time runs out with no selection a team may be skipped allowing the next owner to make a selection. Once a pick is made the skipped owner may then make a selection. The skipped owner has no more time and would need to make the selection known immediately. Simmer will decide if skipping an owner is needed or not.

*If a trade is completed during the draft for the pick on the clock, the team gaining that spot takes over the remaining time left to make their selection. The clock does not reset after a trade.

*Compensation picks can not directly be traded to another team at any time.
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